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Introduction to Community Land Trusts

Spikes in rent, unaffordable and unlivable housing, small businesses shutting down, evictions by developers––urban dwellers are facing a housing crisis across major cities in North America. In response, there has been a growing grassroots movement of tenant and working class communities coming together to take land off the speculative real estate market and reserve it for community benefit. Join Chiyi Tam, a leader in the Community Land Trust movement, for the what, why, and how of community land trusts. This is an ideal course for anyone with curiosity for alternatives to our current housing and real estate system. 

The Estuary Institute is a gathering place to learn, think, and create in planetary terms. We offer interdisciplinary education and community-based programming in the humanities, sciences, and the arts for lifelong learners. Our programming includes synchronous courses and interactive workshops.

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Our programming explores the myriad relationships and environments within which we are intertwined—whether through the humanities, arts, or science and technology.


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