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Photograph of Sarah with long dark hair parted to the side, grew blouse, smiling

Dr. Sarah Munawar

Sarah Munawar (She/Her) is a visiting professor at the Elizabeth Rockwell Center on Ethics and Leadership (EDR) at the University of Houston. Having earned a PhD in political science at the University of British Columbia, as a researcher and educator, she advocates for health equity, culturally-safe care and disability justice for disabled and chronically ill Muslims, as well as, Muslim families situated within relations of dependency care. She mobilizes situated knowledge to articulate an Islamic cosmology of care ethics and disability justice to support Muslim families across Canada in advocating not only for the rights, safety, and well-being of their loved ones within healthcare settings, but also, creating more equitable relations of care within Muslim communities and kinship systems. Sarah is an instructor at The Estuary Institute and is teaching Health Equity, Disability Justice, and the Politics of Care.


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